AIMRI AGM - Vote Now - Formal dissolution of AIMRI and the transfer of the membership and assets to the new International Chapter of the Insights Association.

Please see Chairman's Statement Below

................................... AIMRI AGM - Friday 30th June 2017 - 4pm ...................................

Chairman's Statement    June 2017


The AGM will be held at Opinium’s offices, 24a, St John Street, London EC1M 4AY at 4 pm on Friday 30th June.


As recommended unanimously by the AIMRI council the only item on the agenda is the formal dissolution of AIMRI and the transfer of the membership and assets to the new International Chapter of the Insights Association.


Accordingly, all members recently received two documents:


A)   Int’l Chapter Release 5 31 17 – representing a proposed press release acknowledging formation of the International Chapter and welcoming AIMRI members.


B)   AIMRI Ballot – providing you with the opportunity to vote on council’s recommendation and to vote for the AIMRI representation on the board of the International chapter.

If you have not already done so, please print off the ballot form, complete it, scan it and return it to Catherine at


The proposed press release will not be issued until we have completed our own voting process.


Please note that the transfer will provide you with all rights of membership of the Insights Association for the remainder of the year, with the opportunity to renew your membership at the start of 2018.  Such renewal would be under the normal terms of membership of Insights as provided here  Please note that fees are based only upon revenues applicable to doing business in the US, so any member with a turnover of $2 million in total, of which 10% involves the US, then the dues would be calculated on $200,000 – meaning the fees would be just the minimum applicable amount of $375 for the year!  Members of AIMRI who are already members of Insight would pay nothing further for the International chapter.


Please see for details of the bylaws for the Insights Association.  Governance of the International Chapter will eventually be decided by members of that chapter but initially, it is proposed to have 4 board members directly appointed by the Insights Board.  AIMRI has been invited to nominate two of these and the attached ballot asks you to confirm the nomination of James Endersby (Opinium) and Ann Brown (Gazelle) to that board.


Finally, may I thank you for the honour of chairing AIMRI and please accept my best wishes for your future. 


Also, of course, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Yours sincerely,


Tony Dent



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