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AIMRI will be hosting its Summer Conference in June this year in New York!



Full details will be available shortly



To reserve your place please contact Catherine Harston at AIMRI


tel: 44 (0)203 0 111 303





 Foreign Tongues Translation

2nd Floor, 9-13, Cursitor Street

London EC4A 1LL, UK

 Foreign Tongues Translation will help you stand out above the competition in the profitable foreign marketplace. We make sure you are engaging and connecting with your overseas target audience. And most importantly for you, we get that audience to take action.

 We provide the highest level of quality and professional translation and have the experience needed to find the right solution to solve your language problems. Our tried and tested methodologies, and unique approach to each project, will make the most efficient use of your allocated budgets.

 Foreign Tongues provide three choices of translation service; each one specifically tailored to offer you optimum value for your budget, with delivery geared towards the most efficient turnaround – dependent on your requirements for each and every project.


 Medixline GmbH

Bretonischer Ring 18,  85630 Grasbrunn


mediXline GmbH is an independent German company that offers online field services in relation to pharmaceutical and healthcare market research

 mediXline has its roots in INTERVIEW + EXPLORATION , a qualitative nationwide operating field organisation with own facilities in Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

For more than 25 years now, INTERVIEW + EXPLORATION has successfully managed projects in the healthcare sector.

 mediXline was born out of these many years of experience and expertise and uses the new possibilities for data collection the internet provides market research

BOMI Marketing Research Co Ltd

Room 2701, No.360 Changshou Road, Yuanda building

Shanghai, China

 BOMI positions herself as aChinadata collection partner for all research agencies from all over the world.  BOMI has now 20 members in herShanghaiheadquarter, and more than 40 data collection partners all overChina, includingHong Kong.

 BOMI is specifically experienced in automotive, healthcare, IT, retail & catering industries, as well as B2B studies.


 Conread Research

14 Michalaropoulou, 3rd Floor, 301, 1075 Nicosia


 From project management to full service research consultancy, ConRead offers services focused on actionability and tailored to customer needs. What is more, unlike most specialist consultants or global companies, ConRead provide services at moderate prices.

Over 30 years of experience - ConRead have developed and fine-tuned business principles that are key to success and your satisfaction.

With head quarters inEurope, global reach encompasses every continent, providing clients with the capability of conducting surveys anywhere in the world.



 Market-i Research

PO Box 502695, Dubai. UAE


The market-i journey began in Germany in 2007 when a team of seasoned research professionals came together to create an agency that could deliver and inspire their clients by answering marketing questions in a way that is intelligent, insightful, and actionable.

 Today Market-i Research are a team of 25 with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, and Amman and handle projects that span North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific